Saturday, November 28, 2009

Single Reviews 30/11/09

Before we begin the Single Reviews, we’d like you to take a moment to witness the power of The Sloppy Dogthis suggestion Tweeted to Dannii Minogue led to this response, in turn resulting in this Daily Mirror article. Awesome much? Next up: we invite Cowell to let us executive-produce the whole show; Fearne Cotton to quit showbusiness; and Derren Brown to share next week’s lottery numbers with us. We’ll let you know how we get on.

Lady Gaga gets us off to a rather painful start this week, demonstrating her inescapable cultural tidal wave of glitter and diarrhoea via Bad Romance. We’ll give Gaga her dues – she certainly knows how to pen a mighty chorus. However, she also knows how to nullify this by creating a psychosis-inducing hook; in this case, one that channels Boney M’s Rasputin, and Surfin’ Bird by the Trashmen. Can’t she just put on a sensible Laura Ashley frock and do something a bit Sarah McLachlan?

On the surface, it appears there’s little to be said about Kings & Queens, the launch single from 30 Seconds To Mars’ third album, This Is War. Initial listens demonstrate an archetypal emo wailfest, but the forceful melody, electrifying strings and an attention-grabbing closing chant soon overwrite any early ideas of the standard moody-on-an-iceberg fare.

Single of the Week goes to the Noisettes, who nicely counter their rather frenetic previous releases with the delicate, stylish and understated Every Now and Then. It’s no secret that Shingai Shoniwa possesses a vocal that could simultaneously charm and flatten a small village, but Every Now and Then demonstrates a sophisticated, loungey tone that further exposes the talents of an already-impressive act.

And finally, the irrelevancefest that is Pixie Lott follows up her two inexplicable Number One singles with the truly pathetic Cry Me Out, a shameless reproduction of Avril Lavigne’s I’m With You. Flat, dense and devoid of character, it’s a genuine mystery as to how this creature even got signed, let alone reached the levels of success she has. But hey, at least she’s put her arse cheeks away for once.

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