Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Sloppy Dog's Turkey Cull, Part 1

Shops are already blasting hideous generic versions of Yuletide classics; music channels have already begun their stale rotation of the same tiresome Christmas songs between their endless supply of ringtone adverts; and the novelty singles are already on the horizon, if the X Factor version of You Are Not Alone is any indication.

So this December, we’ve decided to bring you a selection of specifically non-shit Christmas songs in the run up to the big day – and named it, classily, The Sloppy Dog’s Turkey Cull – and where better to begin than with The Boy Least Likely To, given we’ve spent the best part of 2009 gushing about them anyway? Furthermore, the near-Arctic spell of weather we’re currently experiencing makes The First Snowflake an even more apt choice, in addition to it being ace an’ all.

(Think of this feature as a sort of video advent calendar, except it’s not daily and there’s no window to open. And there’s no chocolatey treat underneath either. Actually, it’s pretty much just a middle-finger to the ongoing spate of bad Christmas songs, which, in itself, is not exactly in keeping with the Christmas spirit. Maybe we’ll just find a Kwanzaa song and be done with it.)

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