Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Sloppy Dog's Turkey Cull, Part 3

The next choice in our turkey-free Christmas jukebox is, perhaps prematurely, a track entitled New Year. However, it namechecks Christmas, therefore, shut up. New Year by the Sugababes – and by Sugababes we mean proper, full-on, Siobhantastic, bonafide Sugababes – is brought to you as both a pleasant Christmas ditty and a reminder of just how talented the original line-up was.

New Year seems to be regularly overlooked by music channels and radio in favour of Mariah Carey, Shakin’ Stevens and the shit Band Aids, but is actually a rather lovely and understated Yuletide lament which, at the time of its release, was widely considered one of the Sugababes’ weaker offerings. And yet, it’s stood the test of time – as has much of One Touch – far better than anything the second, third or fourth line-up have recorded. Enjoy!

(And of course, a very Merry Christmas to the Splendababes – Amelle, Heidi and Jade – who will be spending this holiday season singing garage anthems instead of carols; celebrating the birth of Annie Lennox rather than Jesus; and eating lamb koftas instead of turkey, but, of course, still calling it Christmas.)

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