Friday, December 25, 2009

The Sloppy Dog's Turkey Cull, Part 6

Merry Christmas! Or, in the interest of political correctness, Happy Holidays! Ugh. That sounds so sterile. But hey, today is not a time for snarking, it’s a time for being all Baby Jesustastic and celebrating and that. So, let’s do just that with a couple of timeless seasonal anthems.

We’ve brought you a selection of inherently non-shit Christmas songs over the past few weeks, mainly as a response to the same old cack wheeled out on radio and music TV at this time of year. But today being Christmas Day, we thought a couple of traditional Christmas carols would be appropriate. Well, we say ‘traditional’, but they’re not exactly performed by a Salvation Army brass band.

Behold: Hark The Herald Angels Sing as interpreted by Weezer, and the eternal classic Away in a Manger, as performed by Sweep. Yes, you heard right – Sweep.

Feliz Navidad, an’ ting!

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