Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Sloppy Dog's Turkey Cull, Part 5

With our previous selections boasting a modicum of indie credibility to varying degrees, we thought the next choice ought to be an upbeat, out-and-out pop effort. And who better to turn to for such needs than Girls Aloud? Well, maybe the Spice Girls, or Take That. Maybe Britney Spears, or Alexandra Burke, or the Jackson 5? And then there’s Abba, of course. McFly, even? Well, never mind, you’re getting Girls Aloud.

Christmas Round At Ours, taken from the special edition Christmas CD bundled in with generally-lame third album Chemistry, is a typically literal, overly camp, eggnog-swigging merriment anthem, where Cheryl’s never sounded so Geordie (except for when she’s plugging lukewarm, sexless, over-before-he’s-begun X Factor contestants from the same region). Don't get too excited, mind - it's not an rare unseen Girls Aloud vid, merely audio with a load of cobbled-together stills. But with less than two days to go til the big day, it nonetheless ought to get you in the Christmas spirit good and proper...

1 comment:

Flo said...

I don't get it. Do they have a Bad Uncle like in Nathan Barley and a Stepfather (Remake) type dad? This creeped me out.

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