Friday, October 01, 2010

Single Reviews 04/10/10

This week in the Single Reviews, the best use of the word ‘fuck’ in a song title since Eamon; an airwave-staple rock band making their comeback; yet another girl group not as shit as the Splendabots; and a man who’s thrown away all the credibility he doggedly clawed back in order to work with a handicapped chimpanzee. Intrigued? Read on...

Kings of Leon make a return this week, although the bottomless, impenetrable saturation of their Only By The Night singles make it feel as though they’ve never been away. Radioactive has a slightly leaner, less direct, alt-rock vibe – until the children’s choir kicks in, at least, at which point it sounds like the best Children In Need single there never was. Expect to be fully sick of this by Christmas.

Refusing to give up the ghost – somewhat admirably, bless them – are Geordie non-starters Sirens, who’ve ditched their actually rather passable white-bird R&B in favour of the Red-One-by-way-of-Wilkinson’s synth nothingness that is Stilettos. Apparently they’ve decided that if they can’t score a Top 40 hit being themselves, they’ll do it in the guise of a Lady Gaga superfan contest. One in which they’ve been awarded the wooden spoon.

Single of the Week is bestowed with great vigour upon Cee-Lo Green, with the spectacular – in name and in content – Fuck You. Cee-Lo’s production work and Gnarls Barkley output prove he’s a genuine talent, but Fuck You raises the bar. It’s staggering how a song with such an openly vitriolic message can have such an infectious, feelgood quality – people around the globe will be catching themselves singing this in the most inappropriate scenarios.

And we finish on an incredibly low note. They may fancy themselves as a modern day Lennon & McCartney, but the regrouping of Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow cements them as a singing Chuckle Brothers. The aptly-titled Shame is beige of melody, watery of production, and a lyrical mortification. What was Barlow thinking? Is he doing this as some sort of Care in the Community project? Shame, indeed.

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