Friday, October 29, 2010

Single Reviews 01/11/10

Excuse no. 374 for the lack of updates: following James Cameron’s announcement that there’ll be a five-year gap between Avatar and its sequel, we’re taking a leaf out of his proverbial and holding off between posts to allow the creative process. With that, the next Single Reviews will most likely be sometime around Spring 2013. Or, alternatively, maybe we’ll just try to write a bit more often.

Kicking us off, Mystery Jets pluck another fruit from fourth album Serotonin, this time aiming for a peculiar marriage of an engaging, measured backing and cotton-wool-filled, slack-jawed vocals in the form of Show Me The Light. Unsurprisingly, the two fail to fully splice, but nonetheless, the overall result sells the band’s product nicely enough. Just that, y’know, we won’t be buying it.

Next up, the debut solo effort from braindead bellower Nadine Coyle, supposedly the ‘voice’ we’ve all been waiting to hear from. Power she may have, but her oversaturation on every Girls Aloud record makes for a wholly unremarkable tone, not helped by the banal, dated sound of Insatiable itself, every inch an offcut from Kym Marsh’s solo disaster. Further proof that the best thing to ever come out of Nadine’s mouth remains “Mammy, whurr’sh me pyassport?”

The Saturdays and Flo Rida, somewhat bizarrely, team up for the passable Higher. While Flo Rida’s ubiquity shouldn’t throw up any surprises as far as collaborations go, it’s hard to imagine The Saturdays piquing his interest in a musical sense. Still, his faxed-in contribution here actually isn’t too poor, and overall it actually ranks as one of the group’s better efforts. We’ll brush Missing You under the rug for now, shall we?

And finally, Single of the Week, which is awarded to an only slightly less unlikely pairing than The Saturdays and FloRida, namely B.O.B. and Rivers Cuomo. The delightfully poppy electro-crunch of Magic sees an effective fusion of some vigorous, gas-fuelled spitting from B.O.B, and a champion chorus that only Cuomo’s aptitude for a killer melody can create. The greatest single Outkast never recorded.

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