Sunday, September 10, 2006

Single Reviews 11/09/06

Apologies, readers, for the late arrival of the Single Reviews this week. Unfortunately, the summer (who we thought had packed up and legged it for good) decided to come out to play again. And let’s face it, it would be rude not to oblige.

Let’s get the ball rolling then, with a band whose last release prompted a horrendous review – a risky move in that it nearly had Sloppy Dog Towers firebombed. Good ol’ Embrace follow their malodorous World Cup ‘anthem’ with the far greater Target. A marked improvement, no doubt, but it’s still not one of the singles we recommended during the aforementioned World At Your Feet review. It’s almost as if they don’t sit and read The Sloppy Dog religiously. The very idea of it!

We can’t quite make our minds up about Jamelia. Pros: quite nice at times, decent voice, capable of a good tune or two. Cons: quite a cow at times, somewhat beige overall, capable of a shite song or two, Brummie. For now, we’re leaning slightly towards the former, off the back of the harmonious Something About You. A production line Scandiballad but strangely captivating, the shelf life will be short, though pleasing enough until the overkill sets in.

Airhead, pramface, rough-bird and self-styled “Dutchess” (gotta love that “T”, folks), Fergie finally gets round to expelling the corn-spiked stool that is London Bridge. In a follow-up to our recent Ferg-aimed ‘Ump column, we still think she’s facially busted, musically inept, geographically-retarded, and that this still sounds like Jentina. Thankfully, The Guillemots are on hand to nullify the earache of Fergie Ferg with the wondrous Trains To Brazil. A merry mash-up of horns, happiness, and the occasional sleigh bell, it’s an absolute joke that they didn’t walk away with the we-didn’t-care-anyway Mercury Music Prize.

Sticking with the subject of the Mercury diarrhoeathon, our ‘Ump rantravaganza about the unabashed predictability of the awards perhaps was ill-timed – it may come as no surprise that our Single of the Week goes to the eternally-spectacular Lostprophets. But we make no apologies – A Town Called Hypocrisy is, in addition to the pretty and rather amusing video, a skilful rawkalong demonstrating the merit of Liberation Transmission.

Disclaimer: articles may still be late and/or rubbish once the weather turns shit again.

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