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Single Reviews 05/02/07

It was pointed out to us this week that the submissions deadline for the 2007 Bloggies has closed. Next year, dear readers, don’t point it out, just bloody submit us. In the meantime, we’re backing Go Fug Yourself, so vote here if you can be arsed. And remember next year. Seriously.

The gimmick of the posthumous hip-hop star is severely drying up, with 2Pac’s contribution to Pac’s Life barely registering alongside the sizeable involvement of T.I. and Ashanti. Bearing in mind they’re respectively a clichéd dial-a-rapper, and a tone-deaf minion even hairier than Cat Deeley, that’s shameful stuff. But as 2Pac’s dead ten years, it’s safe to say it’s not exactly his fault.

*Just* getting away with squeezing the final drop of aural nectar from Twelve Stops And Home, The Feeling cautiously tread the frozen lake of overkill. Luckily, it’s via the exquisite Rosé. While the poignant lament loses a fraction of its impact in trimmed single form, this wouldn’t be The Sloppy Dog if we weren’t kissing the collective arses of The Feeling – a firm Single of the Week. But no more sugah til we get some new material, y’hear?

Fresh from Nick Lachey’s woeful tale of abandon last week, his former missus Jessica Simpson takes the comparative high road in an upbeat 80’s gorgonzola-romp. However, much like the Sugababes vs Girls Aloud anti-climax, A Public Affair carries precisely no weight sans the help of its video. If only the song was as cameo-severe (i.e. as little Jessica as possible), it might be something other than ghastly.

We’re always suspicious of the bands we’re supposed to be doing backflips over at the mere mention of their name. In that vain, the Gossip have got the NME foaming at the genitals, which, let’s face it, is the kiss of death. Sadly, Jealous Girls does little to counter this, and simply adds to their repertoire of garage-crafted rec-rock.

And last up, Simon Webbe continues his campaign to be taken seriously after managing VS with his fifth solo single. While still firmly situated in the beige pastures of Radio 2, My Soul Pleads For You heads back towards the R&B-in-short-trousers peddled by Blue, though not so far that it loses all credibility. Can someone point Craig David in the direction of the proverbial drawing board?

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ruby ruby ruby roooooooooby!

Where be the kiasers obviously single of the week much better than stupid song about booze.


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