Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Honking Box Review: Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe

Ordinarily we'd probably steer clear of giving too much credence to a show examining the best and worst television has to offer. For example, much as we'd have liked to address Harry Hill's TV Burp recently (more specifically, the Japanese choir singing Neverending Story, and the ScorpiPat), we feel it only draws attention to the fact that The Sloppy Dog's Honking Box is… well… just that. In comparison, it honks.

But an exception must be made. Charlie Brooker, telly scrutiniser extraordinaire, has been the best thing about Mondays for the past month. Granted, Mondays rarely consist of sunshine, riches and bottomless tubs of Phish Food, but that's made Screen Wipe all the more appreciated.

Last night's edition saw the series come to an end, after what felt like an approximate two-episode run. In that respect, we'll liken it to Fawlty Towers rather than It's Now Or Never with Philip Schofield. And although it's back later in the year, we were presented with one hell of a series climax (that's "a jolly good final episode" to those of you whose lives haven't been devoured by American pop culture, if there's any survivors).

Aside from Brooker himself, a man we admire so much we consciously have to remind ourselves not to get all Single White Female up in his bizniz, we couldn't have been more entertained and more sycophantically agreeable had we executive produced the whole thing.

Stewart Lee slagging off the horrendous Skins! Our exact thoughts on Primeval! Clips of the legendary Knightmare! With bloody Treguard and everything! Grace Dent! An examination of the benchmark in twattery that is the Coke Zero ad! Fucking AISLEYNE!

…and breathe. Until Screen Wipe (which may actually be all one word - we really should check these things) returns to our screens later in the year, rest assured The Honking Box will fulfil all your televisual bitchery wants and needs. Albeit in a comparatively low-rent Happy Shopper stylee.

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