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Single Reviews 05/03/07

Anyone who’s seen the superb Bowfinger will be familiar with the story of a wannabe filmmaker who attempts to get an A-list actor to appear in his film without his knowledge. This weekend, we attempted to employ a similar technique to interview The Feeling. Sadly, it didn’t quite go to plan – all we can report is that Paul’s dog is adorable, and Dan looks even more like Gordon from Thomas the Tank Engine in real life. By way of compensation, can we interest you in the Single Reviews?

Having becoming the poster girl for eccentricity, Regina Spektor proves with ease that she’s more than just a barmy Russian bird. Fidelity is a dreamlike waft making way for a chorus of balletic foibles, and will do very nicely until Bjork’s done trekking round Greenland and schmoozing Timbaland.

The Fray (whose physical CD release bypassed us thanks once again to the fecking chart upheaval) provide a pleasant enough listen via How To Save A Life, although with a strong sense of caution that it could sit incredibly comfortably on a Christian stadium-gospel album not available in the shops, alongside Amy Grant’s take on Shine Jesus Shine.

Christina Aguilera leapfrogs the dire Ain’t No Other Man to bring us the worst record of her entire career. The abusively bad Candyman plays out like a Mad TV spoof of a Betty Boop cartoon, to the extent that you genuinely consider whether she’s being serious. To summarise, quite frankly, fucking awful pop music.

A hybrid of a nursery rhyme and a filthy limerick, Alfie is a sugar-coated ode to fraternal concern courtesy of Lily Allen. Once again achieving above and beyond the hype – and claiming our Single of the Week – it raises questions as to why we still don’t own a copy of her album.

Lastly, while growing old with a bit of dignity is always going to be the preferable option, it’s at least positive to see Madness have moved on from the likes of Lovestruck. Sorry boasts ska references without self-parody, and a 2007 take on events without any obvious signs of La Bandwagon... but can Suggs ever be forgiven for Night Fever?

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