Saturday, March 24, 2007

Single Reviews 26/03/07

Are we actually here...? We’re alive? Sorry for the confusion, readers – we heard that Scooch were selected to represent the United Kingdom in a musical tournament observed by literally billions of people, and simply assumed the universe had collapsed in on itself, consequently negating all reality. Anyhoo, Single Reviews, anyone?

Indicating that Abba, Dime bars, The Knife and affordable furniture were just flukes, Sweden once again expunges the desolate Robyn onto our shores with Konichiwa Bitches. It’s a blessing that she’s no longer flogging the washed-out R&B of yesteryear, though you can’t help but feel as though she’s corseting herself into a kitsch electro-pop market from which she’s bulging out in all the wrong places.

Kings of Leon obliterate the good work Molly’s Chambers did in camouflaging their gruesome style and ostentatious swagger, with the dire On Call. Acting as a sudden reminder of just how annoying they are, it's a whinging skulk through a post-apocalyptic Superdrug shelf of adolescent facewash and greasy hair shampoo. We’ll happily leave this for the skinny-jeaned acne brigade to digest.

Replacing their thoughtful, brooding debut with something far more upbeat and brawny, Thirteen Senses make an incredibly welcome return with All The Love In Your Hands. As far as changes go, it’s a slight yet vastly effective one – the substance hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s merely taken a comfortable seat atop a foundation of bright waywardness.

Top of the list of invitations to The Sloppy Dog’s Fantasy Dinner Party, the perpetually-tremendous Melanie C doesn’t have to do much to win our approval (we can be objective, mind – On The Horizon sucked dog ass). Unashamedly embracing the pop she was once advocator of, I Want Candy comes with a wide grin and a cheeky glint, while maintaining the musical aptitude she’s proved very capable of. Single of the Week, and she doesn’t even need to bring the dessert.

Another champion release this week comes courtesy of Alterkicks, and the inadvertent volume-crankage of Good Luck. A pulsating, hefty bassfest married with a buoyant melody, this suggests that The Ghosts shouldn’t expect a monopoly on the title of Our Favouritest New Band they were bestowed with last week. Fight! Fight! Fight!

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Lisa :) Kisses! said...

I saw Konichiwa Bitches in an American Men's magazine - so I watched it on youtube. total trash - but I can't help watching it over and over again. Yet still not downloading to the ipod!

Kings of Leon rule!

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