Saturday, March 31, 2007

Single Reviews 02/04/07

Welcome to this week’s Single Reviews, the only place across television, radio, web and print media that you won’t find David Tennant making barefaced, tacky, low-rent pushes for the new series of Doctor Who. We know it’s a great show, but seriously dude, you need a new agent.

Actually, the Doctor Who allusion is rather apt, with Avril Lavigne evidently making a Tardis-fresh comeback as her 12-year-old self – Girlfriend is a highly juvenile, candyfloss-heavy, zit-squeezing anthem. It’s a pleasing little pop song, sure, but given La Lavigne’s inflated attempts to be viewed as a serious artist throughout the phase of her second album, you wonder where in the world she plucked the line “she’s like, SO whatever” from.

Single of the Week is provided by Little Man Tate, and the rough-edged, clumsy Northern charm of This Must Be Love. Typically we’d reserve a spot in our proverbial “no” pile for such unembroidered, literal lyrics. Yet somehow, in this instance, it only adds to the attraction. Nice.

It’s a busy week for ladies returning to the fray, but self-appointed so-called "crunk" "princess" Ciara, unlike her comeback companion Avril Lavigne, appears to have matured rather than regressed a decade. Like A Boy boasts a tremendous string section, unfortunately to which the rest of the song pales in comparison. Nonetheless, it’s mercifully more 1, 2 Step than Goodies.

Lastly, The Good, The Bad & The Queen (NB: not a band, not an album, not even a project – it’s, like, a movement or something) volunteer another self-important greyfest in the form of Green Fields. Perhaps actual decent music is far too passé? Heaven forefend Damon Albarn cooks up something resembling a tune unless he’s hiding behind the fucking Get-Along Gang.

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RichardAM said...

Avril's newie is absolutely terible, and it gets even worse two-thirds of the way through where she does her little rap skit.

She should've stuck with the guys that wrote her songs for the debut record. :/

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