Saturday, February 17, 2007

Single Reviews 19/02/07

Seen the papers this week, folks? Apparently the Spice Girls are to reform. Of course, the timing couldn’t be better, with two of them in full solo swing, two of them pregnant, another two recent mothers, and a whole spate of 90’s regrouping currently boring Britain to tears. Note that this news came via “a source close to the band”, who aren’t actually a band. To summarise, we won’t even bat an eyelid until the press conference. In the meantime, Single Reviews, anyone?

The Magic Numbers launch proceedings this week with This Is A Song, a track we’ve already gushed about with validation. While the marathon album version has the chance to tick each archetypal box, a heavily-clipped radio edit fails to do so, resultantly sacrificing a slight portion of the Numbers’ magic. See what we did there?! Oh we are clever, aren’t we, children?

BeyoncĂ© takes a desperate stab at that evasive Oscar by throwing her entire self unreservedly into Dreamgirls – but, in doing so, takes a piddle all over her music output. Like standing beneath a waterfall of treacle, one can only hope Listen was created in character as Deena, as there’s no other excuse for such a step back. A ballad this chewy and ersatz-affirming is generally reserved for talent show winners.

The hungrily-anticipated return of the Kaiser Chiefs is a disappointing one, with Ruby demonstrating that the vigorous quirk previously peddled with ease has evaporated into a hapless Home Counties chutzpah. We’re aware of the preposterous levels of hypocrisy we’d reach if we suggested you could listen to The Feeling a bit too much, but it would appear the Kaisers need a reminder of which band they actually are.

Next up, The Sloppy Dog takes its first ride on the Mumm-Ra bandwagon, though we’re keen to state its not without reason. While the Thundercats reference in itself is enough to roll out the red carpet, the inventiveness, the artistry and the plain old entertainment of What Would Steve Do? easily commands a Single of the Week. But frankly, we wouldn’t trust the judgement of any Steve we know...

Finally, the porcelain princess more commonly known as Sophie Ellis Bextor makes a comeback with the notably rather ace Catch You. Ditching the aloof, tongue-in-cheek homofocus of some of her back catalogue in favour of a heavier, far more musical approach, it’s arguably the best single of her career. (Disclaimer: we maintain Posh could kick her arse.)

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Anonymous said...

Im shocked. I think that the judgement of steve is the best one.

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