Saturday, May 12, 2007

Single Reviews 14/05/07

Apologies folks, for it’s been yet another quiet week here on The Sloppy Dog. Now, what excuse can we give this time? We can’t even think of a suitable fib. Tony Blair steps down and all of a sudden, the nation loses its ability to bullshit - perhaps there's some sort of mythological connection, like that shite about Britain turning to dust if the ravens leggit from the Tower of London. Yikes. Single Reviews, then?

Jeez, Big Brovaz. Defeatist much? Sure, you got dropped and lost a couple of members and resorted to a shot at Eurovision where you finished below fucking Scooch. It’s not the end of the world - dust yourselves off and give it another shot. Don’t expel your female members to Booty Luv so they can half-arsedly release house twaddle like Shine, which frankly is something that could have been recorded 14 years ago by Alex Party.

Returning clumsier and more jarring than before - if that’s even feasible - The Cribs gob out another thick, oafish mess, this one entitled Men’s Needs (their bad grammar, not ours). The limp content is helped in no way by the bizarre mix of unwashed, mildew-caked pretentio-rock and horribly homosexual pronounciation. We don’t know what they’re more in need of - some new ideas or a good bath.

Snow Patrol’s first new material since last year’s underachieving Eyes Open comes in the form of Signal Fire, the theme tune to Spiderman 3. Given its role in pushing an epic, explosive action movie, it’s not quite fitting as the lead single. If you can endure the flimsy, flyaway verses and the all-too-literal references to rescue and safety, the chorus holds just enough gusto to see the track through.

And finally, the wondrous Mumm-Ra have successfully managed to claim Single of the Week yet again, with She’s Got You High reaffirming that they’re a band to get very, very excited about. A summery waft drifting beneath an affably jagged surface, the upcoming album couldn’t have asked for a better advertisement.

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