Monday, May 28, 2007

Single Reviews 28/05/07

So, this has been a miserable pissflap of a Bank Holiday weekend, hasn’t it, readers? But fear not about the rain, for The Sloppy Dog is about to bring some sunshine into your lives, via this week’s Single Reviews. Well, not so much sunshine as a wind-battered brolly, but still.

Kiss You Off wisely sees the omnipresent Scissor Sisters utilising the vocals of Ana Matronic, relieving any potential overkill by placing Jake Shears’ falsetto trill on the back burner. After last year’s most overplayed song plus two worryingly substandard singles, it’s a much-needed return to first album grandeur.

Bob Sinclar’s recent years have seen him get progressively more shite with each single released. Continuing his vertical career plummet is Sound of Freedom, effectively some oafish thumping and a whole shower of fuckwits shouting, gelled together around Everybody’s Free by Rozalla. Truly repellent.

Speaking of faceless 90’s dance, anyone remember Grace? A random blonde bird cooing a song called Not Over Yet over a chart house generi-fest? Well, scratch it from memory. Rehashing the name for much better purposes are… um… Grace, whose first-rate, pop-severe guitar nugget Slowly rightfully lays claim to our Single of the Week.

Lastly, the latest wispy Tampax singer to follow in the Birkenstocked footsteps of Lucie Silvas and Sandi Thom is 22-year-old Laura Critchley, whose debut Sometimes I is the lowest form of weak, content-free fluff. Like a Natasha Bedingfield CD decorated with ribbons, seashells and glitter using an eight-year-old bottle of Gloy Gum, it’s highly unlikely we’ll need to worry about this one hanging around for long.

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