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Single Reviews 04/06/07

Right, you lot. You trust our opinions, don’t you? Every time we award something our Single of the Week title, you rush straight out and buy it, don’t you? What? You don’t? Wankers. Anyway, in the hope that at least one of you might actually take heed of our recommendations, we strongly suggest you make this your next purchase:

It fucking rules, people. We shit you not. In the meantime, enjoy something a bit more disposable, in the form of this week’s Single Reviews

Stamping her feet (and as a result, making her flabby calves wobble for a good five minutes) in an attempt to push her anaemic rawk credentials, Kelly Clarkson makes a comeback with the insipid Never Again. While props must be given to the lyric “I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green”, it’s nowhere near enough to carry the other three and a half minutes of downright pigswill.

The Ghosts claim their second Single of the Week in as many releases, with the sublime The World Is Outside. Serving as a pant-wettingly exciting taster of the album of the same name, it’s pure melodic liveliness channelled into a chorus of big synthy stabs. Not quite on a par with the enchanting Stay The Night (perhaps not a fair comparison given its untouchable grandeur), it's nevertheless an indication of a band to ready the ticker tape parade for.

Peddling another serving of their patented frenetic exuberance are Queens of the Stone Age, albeit with a marginally calmer approach. 3s and 7s productively marries the QOTSA classic rock milieu with a taut melody. Certainly won’t blow anyone’s socks off, but hey, it just about does the trick.

Finally, we come to Calvin Harris - a man whose hype hasn’t got any less annoying - as he unleashes second single The Girls. Deceptively fun to begin with, but after more than three listens, the spell weakens significantly, unveiling The Girls as being lyrically 100% Lou Bega, topped off with an excruciating remix by Eiffel 65.

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