Sunday, June 17, 2007

Single Reviews 18/06/07

It’s official. Shilpa Shetty aside, any reality contestant backed by The Sloppy Dog never wins. Kristina was robbed, people. Robbed! Still, bearing in mind our support is generally the kiss of death, we’d like to throw our weight behind Charley and Seany in Big Brother. That ought to get the misshapen orcs off our screens. While you’re painting your eviction night banners, why not enjoy the Single Reviews?

Editors return this week with the outstanding Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors. How coincidentally topical! What are the chances? Nil, of course - a proper band has no need for postmodern irony or cheap publicity. Cynicism aside, it’s a substantial, likeable, and overall worthwhile record. Until it’s used as a soundbed under quarter-hourly BBC News 24 reports on July 1st.

As if Gareth Gates making a comeback wasn’t enough of a shock in itself, it was via the highly-accomplished Changes, prompting a simultaneous intake of breath across the entire British populace. Similarly, he now invokes a nationwide shoulder shrug with the massively beige Angel On My Shoulder. Still craps all over the novelty covers and that second album tripe, mind.

Finally releasing something that’ll prompt a few ears to prick up and notice the quite-stupendous This Time, Melanie C unveils the magnificent Carolyna, effectively the single If That Were Me should’ve been. Ah well, better seven years late than never. An epic, anthemic ride with a knockout chorus, it would be a surefire Single of the Week were it not for the new release from Ash. After the high-octane, low-impact You Can’t Have It All, the unobtrusive yet magnificent Polaris provides a far more radio-friendly push for upcoming (and annoyingly, final) album Twilight Of The Innocents. In short, we’re going to pussy out and let Ash and Melanie C share this week’s title.

Finally, serving as a walking advertisement for hair straighteners is the bemopped BBC thesp-in-a-jar, Lee Meade. He’s releasing a coffee-break take on Any Dream Will Do for Children In Need, which pretty much tells you all you need to know. Although, had Craig, Daniel or Ben scooped the role of Joseph, it’s fair to say we wouldn’t hate this quite so much.

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