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Single Reviews 25/06/07

Providing an alternative to the incessant Glastonbury coverage, it’s the good ol’ Single Reviews. Yes, while 100,000 kiddies, hippies and pathetic bandwagon-leapers wade through a metre of mud, The Sloppy Dog can offer unrestrained cattery towards new music while you sit comfortably at your computer, out of the rain, enjoying a cuppa. (Cuppa not provided.)

After a calamitous couple of singles by No Doubt or Love Angel Music Baby standards, Gwen Stefani ultimately nails it with 4 In The Morning, a pseudo-ballad in the vein of the 80’s synth magic liberally sprinkled throughout her solo debut. If she can be convinced to release Early Winter, we may even forgive her all that diet Harajuku crap.

Having made the tumultuous journey from hair-rock to Hollywood standard balladry, to sub-Cheiron power pop that early Backstreet Boys would have rejected, to anaemic concept country, Bon Jovi finally decide on… well, no genre whatsoever. (You Want To) Make A Memory comes and goes without even generating the tiniest blip on the radar. Ironic that a song about making memories all but does that.

Making one of the most impressive debuts of the year are The Hoosiers, whose jovial, vibrant sound looks set to bother many an ear this summer. Like a gratifying amalgamation of the Fratellis and Dum Dums, Worried About Ray is an animated, spirited anthem, and an easy Single of the Week.

Comparisons to Lily Allen come thick and fast, but the overtly-London drawl and middle-class slapper-chic of Kate Nash makes it hard to distance her from the MySpazz rantbox. Foundations, however, exhibits a far more bubbly, upbeat sound and an authentic display of character that suggest she’s no copycat.

Lastly, Robin Thicke attempts to verify his existence to an oblivious UK audience via Lost Without U, a high-pitched sway through a platter of Spanish guitar and grown-up R&B throbbage. The blue-eyed soul schtick isn’t for everyone, and in fact, it could be argued he’s not far off a high-budget Michael Ball, but in a glutinous sea of Chris Browns, Ne-Yos and Timberlakes, he could prove an interesting prospect.

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