Monday, August 06, 2007

Single Reviews 06/08/07

Our dear readers, we can only apologise for the lateness of this week’s Single Reviews. But hey, you saw what the weather was like - it’d be rude not to celebrate the glorious summer weekend that God blessed us with. And that’s one person you don't wanna piss off, right? And we’re also hoping you didn’t notice the complete lack of Single Reviews last week…

Leading the pack (in chronological terms only) are Elliot Minor, who follow up their watery debut with the far superior Jessica. While your considered post-listen retort may be to step back and judge the overall package, it’s nigh on impossible to deny the command of the infiltrating, dominant melody. Then you remind yourself it’s about Jessica Alba, and the tidal wave of tack washes the lot away.

Sadly, the entire concept of postmodern irony is wholly lost on a mass audience, if the performance of Darren Hayes’ last album is any indication. Thankfully, he hasn’t strayed too far back to the cesspool of Savage Garden balladry, with On The Verge Of Something Wonderful instead opting for a radio-hewn wedge of electro-lite merriment. Still totally one for the mums, mind.

Already fixing its proverbial beady on the upper stratums of the fucking shambolic hoax of a British music chart Top 40, it’s safe to assume we’ll be hearing a great deal more from Robyn featuring Kleerup this summer. After the messy-at-best Konichiwa Bitches, the bewitching With Every Heartbeat is a far greater envoy for the juggernaut of Robyn-focussed hype.

Finally, one of the most inspired illustrations of sampling in years comes via Kanye West, with the outstanding Stronger. While most of the credit must go to Daft Punk, it’s still hard to believe he’s managed to redress the Complete Fucking Cock levels he achieved at last year’s MTV Europe Music Awards, but if there’s anything that can save an artist - quite simply - it’s a great song. Single of the Week, provided he doesn’t throw another big girl hissy fit anytime soon.

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