Sunday, August 12, 2007

Single Reviews 13/08/07

Hey, bored office workers! Fed up of numbers and reports and in-trays full of shit? Pissed off to bejesus because The Man has banned Facebook at your company? Fear not! Flock to The Sloppy Dog, where you can compensate for your lack of cyber-socialising with our wondrous Single Reviews. Mind you, we pride ourselves more on making enemies than adding friends, but still.

Amy Winehouse heads up this week’s singles with the first-rate Tears Dry On Their Own. While she pushes herself more and more into the public consciousness as a coke-addled, skeletal pisshead, her music continues to underline her significance and inimitability as an artist. A summery Sixties masterpiece, and a decent enough swansong should she drown in the next few months (either in Regent’s Canal or neat vodka).

The frenetic rock genius of the Pigeon Detectives is showcased perfectly in Take Her Back. It’s certainly less than a million miles from the superb I’m Not Sorry - in fact, they’re practically sharing a sleeping bag - but we can forgive a touch of repetition when the quality levels are this lofty. And hey, at least they’re consistent.

The return of The Polyphonic Spree is cause for celebration any day of the week, but comeback anthem Running Away is reason enough to burst an additional party popper. A somewhat less loony offering than previous material, yet still achieves that unique balance of raucous and choral. Admittedly, we prefer when they’re just a tad more crackers, but it’s a clear Single of the Week all the same. Hurrah, etc.

Lastly, having provided us with arguably the greatest album of 2007 so far, Ghosts don’t have to do much to win our approval. Which may go some way to explaining the release of one of the less remarkable tracks from The World Is Outside, the eponymous Ghosts. Sure, it’s an inspired work of brilliance… it just isn’t Stop, Mind Games or Musical Chairs. Yeah, yeah, everyone’s an A&R man these days…

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