Monday, August 20, 2007

Single Reviews 20/08/07

Yes, the Single Reviews are late. Very late. What, you want your money back or something? We’re actually recovering from the second leg of what we’re calling Weddingfest ‘07, where we learned that (a) Goan people know how to throw a party, (b) alcohol = bad, and (c) we finally live in a world where a Robbie Williams song clears a dance floor - jeez, longest wait for a backlash EVER. Anyhoo, on with proceedings, this week brought to you in association with Nurofen…

Hard-Fi are back (presumably having made it ‘back’ on the bus, where they jumped the fare, sat next to a crackhead, got into a fight with a skinhead, and pulled a right fit blonde in the process). Yes, they’re peddling the same old metaphor-free working-class schtick in Suburban Knights, although, as with Stars of CCTV, there’s also a sturdy melody and crunching, beefy guitars. Lyrics will be the death of Hard-Fi, mark our words.

Single of the Week is awarded to a young lady who’s already turned our heads, resulting in a pulled neck muscle, in the enchantingly blue Fed Up. However, Remi Nicole has cranked up the glee-o-meter for the memorable Go Mr Sunshine, a delightfully twee Britpop stomp-a-long that’s hopefully the mark of a future success story.

Calvin Harris continues his catastrophic spiral into utter shitdom with the laborious Merrymaking At My Place. Initially we thought perhaps he was a competent knob-twiddler that just hadn’t fully gotten accustomed to a microphone, but further exposure to his career has shown us that he is, in actual fact, Urban Cookie Collective in the body of an Etonian sixth-former.

Finally, having duetted with Kelly Rowland and come out the other side with a career intact, Eve deserves our respect as a given. Bearing in mind she was the sole good point in the aforementioned duet and Gwen Stefani’s Rich Girl, you’d think Tambourine would warrant champagne, fireworks and a national holiday. But, in reality, it’s just good. That’s all.

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