Saturday, March 15, 2008

Single Reviews 17/03/08

Well readers, we’re pleased to be here in one piece after the ‘storms’ this week. They’re actually the reason behind the lack of Single Reviews last week, and not at all anything to do with the fact we were busy doing other stuff. The ‘storms’ were to blame. And the ‘earthquake’ from the other week. That too.

With arguably the strongest album of their career, Girls Aloud have a wealth of potentially chart-mounting gems from which to choose their singles. However, they’ve opted for Can’t Speak French, a reasonably fun number but by no means a head-turner, which finds that Girls Aloud evidently don’t do saucy as well as they do thundering bollock-crushage.

Already making a sizeable dent in the charts is Flo Rida with the insanely catchy Low. Had this not been an official – if unintentional – Sloppy Dog holiday anthem back in January, it’s safe to assume we wouldn’t have given it a particularly warm reception. Effectively a slice of upbeat crunk with truly absurd lyrics, it should somehow be diabolical. And yet, it’s our Single of the Week. We’re so, so sorry.

The Guillemots have to tread carefully round these parts. We’ve not forgiven them for spoiling us with the overwhelmingly brilliant Trains To Brazil then crapping out a dire album, resulting in a bigger disappointment than the expulsion of Addictiv Ladies. Still, they’re back on track (Guillemots, not Addictiv Ladies) with the buoyant, pop-heavy Get Over It, with a level of quality that’ll hopefully be carried over into album #2.

Closing proceedings this week are the Sugababes, who, unlike Girls Aloud, don’t have much to choose from on their somewhat lukewarm current album. Nonetheless, Denial is tuneful, mildly idiosyncratic, and typically Sugababes. Perhaps too much, in fact – this is likely to follow Shape, Change and Soul Sound as one of their ‘meh’ singles. Hell, at least it doesn’t follow Easy as one of their ‘fucking abysmal’ singles.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Tá m'árthach foluaineach lán d'eascainn.

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