Friday, March 21, 2008

Single Reviews 24/03/08

Last year, our Easter weekend Single Reviews invited you to find a hidden Easter egg within the article. And even though a disclaimer at the end informed you that it was in fact a joke (no shit), news reaches us that a young South African woman is still – one year on – clawing away at her monitor, desperate for the aforementioned chocolatey treat. There is no chocolate, Jessica. We’re sorry.

Today’s first single pays a visit to Spain – or more aptly, a naff backstreet ‘Spanish’ restaurant run by an ex-pat couple from Rotherham. All things considered, the White Stripes actually manage to craft quite a skilful rock anthem in Conquista, it just all feels rather gimmicky. The musical equivalent of a straw donkey, albeit quite a good quality one.

Next up, Chris Brown is subjected to a severe case of producer fatigue via With You, an identikit Norwegian mid-tempo strumalong. Seriously, Stargate, there is an outside to the box as well, you know. Each “gotta see you, boo” is interchangeable with a “to the left, to the left”, a “just like a tattoo” or a… well, however that new Leona song goes. She’s too boring to pay any real attention to.

The most easily-awarded Single of the Week this year so far is lavished upon Estelle and Kanye West, with the stupendous American Boy. Much has been made of the Britisms within the song (WAGs, Ribena, bloke, rubbish, yadda yadda yadda) but don’t allow that to detract from the true star of the show – Estelle herself. Although if she’d gotten Kanye to say “butters”, we would have had to actually marry her.

And finally, another welcome return in the form of Gnarls Barkley, though it must be noted their comeback barely registers in comparison with Estelle’s offering. Run is disappointingly unoriginal, with gargantuan elements of Gone Daddy Gone throughout. It’s by no means poor or shoddy, but from such an innovative band, you’d expect a great deal more.

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