Monday, March 31, 2008

Single Reviews 31/03/08

Oh lookit, we’re a bit late with the Single Reviews this week. Well, it’s on purpose. Yes, it’s all part of some lame-ass April Fools joke that has no real punchline. Actually, do April Fools jokes even have punchlines? They’re just sort of there.

Opening on a positive note, it’s our Single of the Week, which comes courtesy of the Courteeners. While not perhaps as excitement-inducing as One Night Only, it’s reassuring to encounter another new band not dripping in manufactured gimmickry. Not Nineteen Forever simple and classic, yet simultaneously, a trainee anthem with masses of promise.

The delightfully barking Roisin Murphy is snapping at the heels of the Courteeners this week with the sublime You Know Me Better. Truth be told, it’s all a bit sliced white in comparison to her kookier moments, as was the case with Let Me Know, but nevertheless is a chilled, intelligent invoker of pressing dancefloor convergence.

Certainly not one to add to your party playlist is the unapologetically grim Nude, an aural representation of a hospital mortuary courtesy of Radiohead – albeit with a capable display of innovation, such is the band’s trademark. Mind you, it not only lives up to their celebrated stereotype of misery, it sets it at a new high. Or low, technically.

Finally comes Touch My Body, marking the pre-album semi-comeback of Mariah Carey. It’s oddly unsettling how much emotion she puts into singing “YouTube” – if only she’d applied the same sentiment to 95% of her back catalogue. What’s more worrying though is the heartfelt honesty in the “I will hunt you down” lyric. The song itself is a pile o’ pish – but Mariah, you crazy old bastard, it’s good to have you back.

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