Sunday, August 27, 2006

Single Reviews 28/08/06

It’s not just any old Single Reviews this week. No sir, it’s a Bank Holiday Special Single Reviews! Instead of your regular rundown of bitchy music analysis, it’s... well, exactly the same thing, just on a Bank Holiday Monday.

We’ve got a pet h8 4 txt msg spelling, so you’d think U + Ur Hand by Pink would be an instant binward-toss. But aside from being accompanied by the best video of her career, it’s an entertaining irate-a-thon that proves I’m Not Dead is arguably her greatest album as well.

Our blood bubbles with hatred at the return of musical scab Justin Timberlake, a creature who we’re determined not to forget was (and therefore still is) a scrawny white kid with a ginger afro in a Backstreet Boys rip-off band. Much in the same arrogant and tuneless vein as his debut solo shite, SexyBack is yet another mess of backward beats and shockingly awful chatter. And despite some of that chatter containing a “take it to the chorus”, we still can’t identify where the hell the chorus is.

Something to get very excited about comes in the form of The Fratellis, with the definitely not-horrendous Chelsea Dagger, where a killer riff carries an already-decent song and increasing anticipation for the album. And it would be our top dog this week if it weren’t for the next song...

It’s no revelation that The Feeling are the current favourite band at Sloppy Dog Towers, where no album has been rinsed quite as much as Twelve Stops And Home in the past few years. Never Be Lonely, initially our album track of choice but since pipped by Rosé and Blue Piccadilly, is back on top (in one way at least) as Single of the Week. Fan-fucking-tastic, end of.

This time 18 months ago, people (i.e., us) got rather fed up of the Scissor Sisters and the sycophantic praise that you couldn’t nip to Tesco’s without tripping over. Turns out the break not only purged them of any impending overkill, but gave them a chance to make another conqueror of a pop record – I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ is fun, quirky, and unashamedly gay in the best possible sense of the word. If that exists...?

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