Saturday, November 25, 2006

Single Reviews 27/11/06

It's almost as if Christmas has come early here at The Sloppy Dog. This week's Single Reviews provides us with a wealth of top-notch songs, which admittedly isn't exactly a £100 Selfridges voucher, but after recent droughts meant Tenacious D somehow rose to the top with their worst single to date, it's certainly no swift kneecap in the bollocks.

While we’re far more supportive of her R&B brothelmusic than the anodyne cautionfest previously peddled, it’s nice to see Nelly Furtado returning to a slightly less slutflapped sound in All Good Things Come To An End, though we can’t help but think people wouldn’t care quite so much had it not been tainted blessed by the hand of Chris Martin.

Muse continue to push towards the title of most innovative and exhilarating band on the planet today with Knights of Cydonia, although it must be noted we have a difficult time not hearing Cydonia as "Cidona" - and once you've crossed that line, there's no removing the mental image of a mucky ginger child asking his Mammy if he can have a glass of the aforementioned to go with his banana and Tayto sandwich.

Lostprophets further flag up the greatness of Liberation Transmission with the anthemic Can't Catch Tomorrow. We're still not sure whether the Good Shoes Won't Save You This Time sub-title is entirely necessary, but managing to inject both melody and energy into a rock song to this extent transcends any bizarre naming conventions. Elsewhere, another icon of the wondrousness of 2006 comes in the form of The Fratellis, whose lovable lament Whistle For The Choir displays a mellow alternative to their patented acid country, and just manages to claim Single of the Week ahead of its worthy contemporaries.

However, there's one single out this week on which we can allow the bile to flow freely. Not before time either, as we were on the verge of running out of good things to say, and Lord knows, being nasty comes so much easier. Take a third of a quirky hip-pop collective turned four-piece washaway nightclub PA specialists, mix with an underachieving Tweet song too recent to warrant covering, and engulf the whole lot in a tar-like treacle of Eurocheese house. Boogie 2Nite by the faceless Booty Luv featuring Nadia and Cherise, is arguably the most pointless release of the year - although if Big Brovaz keep dividing down according to the current pattern, maybe we'll get at least one half-decent solo career.

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