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Single Reviews 08/01/07

Welcome to the first Single Reviews of 2007, which is looking to be a rather cordial evaluation, as we’ve already used up about six months’ worth of bile on the Celebrity Big Brother launch episode alone. That said, we can certainly muster a tiny bit more to comment on McCall’s get-up during the Goody invasion episode. Basing your look on Mamma Fratelli from The Goonies probably wasn’t your best decision, love. Uncalled-for cattiness out of the way, let the reviews begin...

It’s hard to believe we once loathed Amy Winehouse – anyone who claims they’d rather get cat AIDS than duet with Katie Melua is worthy of a British Comedy Award, if not an OBE. Following up the addictive Rehab with another crude work of art, You Know I’m No Good comprises equal helpings of extensive musical ability and eye-rolling attitude.

Jarvis Cocker recalls the greatness he once helmed during Pulp’s halcyon spell in the enchanting Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time – soothingly anthemic, instantaneously catchy and generally top-quality. And, as our Single of the Week, it’s technically also the greatest song of 2007. And while it’s unlikely that title will last longer than a week or two, it’s unquestionably set the bar pretty high.

For the record, we’re choosing to ignore Raoul by The Automatic – when a re-release is justified, we’re all for it. However, shameless cash-ins are another story. Tut-tut, etc etc. Elsewhere, cue much frothing at the chops, for The Cooper Temple Clause are back with new material. In spite of their Didzlessness, Waiting Game is a hook- stuffed hymn of testosterone, albeit clad in a tailored suit rather than crusted combats. This ‘growing up’ thing is becoming an epidemic.

We’ve begun to deliberate whether we’ve been too kind in reviewing Evanescence’s newer material. Given their initial USP was their originality, you wonder why they’ve opted to regurgitate the same pattern with added shade. You have to fight to find Lithium’s good points – they are there, if you’re willing to look beyond the doom, gloom and ten tonnes of Claire’s Accessories mascara.

The Cheetah Girls are a make-believe girl group from the latest Disney Channel musical. Considering our vitriolic thoughts on High School Musical and the presence of All You’ve Got ‘star’ Adrienne Bailon, you’d probably be surprised if we were to say The Party’s Just Begun is a winning pop song boasting originality, character and musicianship. However, you needn’t worry about your jaw heading floorwards, as we’re actually going to say it’s a smoking mound of horse shit.

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