Saturday, January 27, 2007

Single Reviews 29/01/07

We realise that The Sloppy Dog is a highly-respected global journalistic resource, and therefore is capable of conveying important political messages to the listening populace. Bearing this in mind, Shilpa to win. Shilpa to win, Shilpa to win, Shilpa to win. Additionally, Shilpa to win, dammit. Didn’t work when we did it for Aisleyne, but hey.

We’ve been singing the praises of Lady Sovereign for almost three years now, when she stole the show as part of the Fit But You Know It MC remix (Sad Arse Strippa only added to our love). At long last, she’s fittingly reached the big time, with Love Me Or Hate Me acting as three and a half minutes demonstrating all things positive about the Sov. Single of the Week, trust.

Containing as much self-pity as a My So-Called Life marathon weekend, Nick Lachey milks his divorce for a reckless attempt at fame outside of his conjugal profile. As wet and insipid as it’s viable to be when you secretly know it’s upping your status immeasurably, What’s Left Of Me is musically – and literally – a snot-soaked Kleenex primed for the bin.

It was too much to hope for that Two More Years was an indication of Bloc Party’s future direction – new single The Prayer confirms that it was merely a gimmick to shift the remix album. A dark, martial undercurrent sets a pleasantly sinister tone, but the all-too-literal prayer allusions and a chorus seemingly borrowed from a failed New Order tribute band swerves treacherously close to a slippery slope.

Incidentally, demonstrating everything we loved about the early days of Bloc Party (and then some), Oh MJ! is testament to the promise of The Little Ones. Aside from providing a winning opener on their recent tour, the disarmingly lovely hook and shiny happy lyrics make for a beefy contender for Single of the Week, were Lady Sovereign not such a tough adversary.

Lastly, while we could probably gather sufficient evidence to validate a hatred of Fall Out Boy, we actually don’t mind them too much. Certainly nowhere near the way we wish Panic! At The Disco die of vicious papercuts. Because, for all their trite emo posturing, Fall Out Boy at least don’t take themselves too seriously. At least we hope they don’t, as This Ain’t A Scene is a pleasing pisstake but a mess of a proper song.


Anonymous said...

NO it didn't work for aisleyne but then she isn't in the same league as Shilpa.
Shilpa is a true princess the other is trashy & nasty

al said...


Jackiey luv, is that you?

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