Sunday, September 09, 2007

Single Reviews 10/09/07

Well, what a funny old week it’s been, eh? While professional ho-bag Jodie Marsh willingly takes herself off the market and dedicates herself to one sole man, the squeaky-clean Vanessa Hudgens (y'know, her out of the dire High School Musical) gets her flaps out all over the web. Still, in a world where everything appears to be going doolally, at least you can rely on the Single Reviews to be consistently ace…

Claiming our Single of the Week are the Chemical Brothers, with perhaps the most peculiar, uncharacteristic track of their career. And yet, one of their greatest. The Salmon Dance, though easily dismissible as a novelty number, is intensely likeable, pleasantly idiosyncratic, and overall, great fun. What more do you want out of a song?

Pipped to the post for Single of the Week are Ash, although we’re sure they won’t be too bothered, having already won it twice this year. Although it’s more likely they won’t be too bothered by the simple fact they’ve probably never heard of The Sloppy Dog. A blend of hummable harmony, jittery R&B undertones, and a towering rock chorus, End of the World functions just as marvellously as single material as it does being the standout track of Twilight of the Innocents.

Anyone remember Clock? Those of you that don’t, we’ll save you the trouble of bothering Wikipedia - a mid-90’s duo who released a seemingly endless string of horrific dance covers. Well, it would seem they’re alive and well in the form of Booty Luv. This time, it’s Lucy Pearl’s Don’t Mess With My Man that’s given the extreme make-under, reducing it to filler on a Big Mix ‘96 3CD compilation.

Presenting us with another sparkler plucked from the treasure trove that is A Tale Of Two Cities are Mr Hudson & The Library. How such a masterpiece of an album evaded the Mercury judges altogether is beyond us, although given we usually feel the shortlist is a pile of shite, it matters not. Either way, Picture Of You should hopefully educate a few more people of the majestic wonder that is The Library.

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