Saturday, September 15, 2007

Single Reviews 17/09/07

Greetings, Sloppy Dog enthusiasts. Apologies for the minimal updates lately, rest assured a full service shall resume shortly. In the meantime, we feel we must address this week’s events, specifically the appearance of a certain female at the MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas. Yes, ladies and gents, Sarah Silverman, Patron Saint of Laughter, who we officially heart. Go Sarah, etc etc. Oh, and Britney? Sort yer shit out, love, there’s a good girl. Single Reviews, y’all?

First up are Peter, Bjorn & John with the ubiquitous Young Folks, which gains an inexplicable re-release this week. Let’s pretend it hasn’t been rinsed to bejesus by each and every radio station and music channel since its initial release. Let’s pretend it hasn’t been used as a soundbed on every factual entertainment show for the past 12 months. Let’s pretend it’s not regularly whistled on scaffolding right across the Western world. Makes quite a good Single of the Week, dontcha reckon?

Proper serious rock band Fightstar bestow us with the proper serious rock anthem We Apologise For Nothing. Hey, it’s almost as if that title is aiming for some suggestion of rebellion! Heaven forbid we’d think this was a talentless, in-bred boyband cuntrag posturing alongside some unwashed session musicians, but of course, that’s not the case because Fightstar are the best band in the world, ever. Their music shall bring about universal harmony. They’re not at all an entire fucking waste of oxygen and Marshall amps, oh no.

Elsewhere, the Foo Fighters apply their unmistakeable sound to new single Pretender to full effect, which frankly is a nice way of saying it’s practically identical to everything they’ve ever put out. By no means bad, but we’d say Foo fans have every right to feel slightly cheated and royally pissed off. Thankfully, we’re not fans, so we’ll politely suggest they get themselves some new ideas.

Finally, what better way to round off a rather negative selection of reviews than with… well, another negative review? But hey, it’s 50 Cent featuring Justin Timberlake - surely you wouldn‘t expect anything less? That said, Ayo Technology is two of the most tiresome artists in contemporary music teaming up for a song about wanking. This shit pretty much reviews itself.

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