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Single Reviews 10/12/07

Once again, please take our sincerest apologies for the lack of updates recently. But hey, it’s approaching Christmas, and since we’re too busy to write anything, you lot are probably too busy to read anything too. Well, here’s hoping anyway. Next week we’ll be bringing you the first of our End of Year countdown lists, so in the meantime, enjoy the final Single Reviews of 2007...

It’s hard to think how a song recorded by both Bellefire (lovely, lovely girls - but did they ever have a cat in hell’s chance?) and re-mortgaging rugby-built racist Jo O’Meara could ever be dragged to any further a depth. But then along comes Cascada, brutally raping What Hurts The Most with the same old hi-NRG, cheese-laden Euro-schtick applied to their previous inexplicable hits.

Nailing our Single of the Week are Plain White Ts, which comes as quite a surprise to us, given that Hey There Delilah very nearly earned itself a place on our Worst Singles of 2007 (check back from next week to see who did make the cut). Hate (I Really Don’t Like You) is, as the title would suggest, a venomous clomp through pared-down yet powerful rock territory. Bit more of this and a bit less of the former, and we might even consider giving the album the once-over…

Given the untouchable inimitability of Massive Attack’s Teardrop, you’d wonder why anyone would even consider touching it. But props to Newton Faulkner, whose version isn’t actually too close to sacrilege. It’s given the ethereal majesty of the original a great big elbow, replacing it with a gentle folky twang-along. Of course, it's wholly pissed upon by the blueprint, but still.

And closing proceedings are the Sugababes, with their bi-annual down-tempo offering in the lead up to Chrimbo. While this year’s submission isn’t on a par with Ugly or Too Lost In You, Change is nevertheless quintessential Sugababes - captivating, classy and ultimately far more deserving of the Christmas Number One than whoever wins The X Factor. And that includes the mighty(ironically, mind) Same Difference.

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