Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Sloppy Dog's Best of 2007: Singles

10. Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance
We’ll choose to ignore the fact that one half of the Chemical Brothers is voluntarily aiding the spread of the Allen tribe, given the sheer genius of their September single The Salmon Dance. Fresh, audacious and frankly, madder than a weasel in a crate of Koosh balls, it proved to be one of the definitive love-or-hate tracks of the year. No prizes for guessing which camp we fall into…

9. Klaxons - It’s Not Over Yet
On paper, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a nu-rave cover of a faceless 90’s dance choon was the worst idea ever conceived. Fair play then to the Klaxons, who managed to turn a bubbling cauldron of decaying cheese into a shadowy, thumping anthem of solitude. Quite an impressive feat, even if their day-glo hoodies and hideous religion-indicating skinny jeans detract heavily from any visual demonstration. Bleurgh, etc.

8. Spice Girls - Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
We love an underdog here at The Sloppy Dog, yet we never expected that’s a term we could apply to the Spice Girls. In fairness, we can appreciate the lack of interest in Headlines, but given a chance, it’s proved itself to be an uplifting, sweeping ballad swathed in exemplary Spice loveliness (special props to Melanie C, whose verse completely owns the rest of the song,). As for its lacklustre performance? That only makes us love it more, rather like a three-legged puppy.

7. Mr Hudson & The Library - Ask The DJ
A high entrant in our Albums of 2007 list, Mr Hudson & The Library make another appearance in our End of Year flatter-fest, this time on the back of their ridiculously impressive Ask The DJ. Unfathomably, it didn’t come close to bothering the Top 40, but much like Headlines, that only serves to make it all the more appealing - perhaps the only time you’ll ever hear Mr Hudson & The Library likened to the Spice Girls…

6. Paolo Nutini - New Shoes
A feel-good grin-a-long that’s near impossible to find any kind of aversion to, New Shoes ceremoniously plucks Paolo Nutini from the tiring list of wistful singer-songwriters and shoves him into his own worthwhile, distinctive spotlight. A charming, tomorrow-can-wait idyll with an endearing simplicity, it’s testimony to a star far better of demonstrating Scotland’s talent than a certain talent show ‘winner’ is.

5. Kelis & Cee-Lo - Lil Star
Given that this track played a significant part in helping what was, in hindsight, a decidedly average album get named our fourth greatest album of 2006, you’d think we might hold a bit of resentment towards it. But it’s hard to feel anything negative when such a stirring sentiment, gorgeous vocals and adorable melody are concerned. Let’s hope Lil Star’s success has given the laziest woman in music something resembling a wake-up call…

4. Sugababes - About You Now
Surpassing All Saints, Girls Aloud and even the Spice Girls with the girl group gem of the year, the Sugababes’ return was triumphant, untouchable and completely filled any patchy Mutya-shaped holes with a fresh injection of Amelle exquisiteness. And although the album may have failed to live up to its predecessors, it could well be blamed on the gutsy, harmonious finery of About You Now setting the bar so sky-scrapingly high.

3. Ghosts - Stay The Night
Claiming the bronze medal are the Ghosts, with their exceptional debut single Stay The Night. Evoking the greatest moments of mid 90’s Britpop, it’s like a compound of Shed Seven, the Bluetones and Ocean Colour Scene each at their respective finest, and yet simultaneously is undisputable Ghosts. A captivating vocal performance complemented by acute blasts of animated brassy goodness, it’s further verification of just why the Ghosts are 2007’s greatest breakthrough.

2. Rooney - When Did Your Heart Go Missing?
Claiming a highly respectable second place are Rooney, whose initial sound of OC-friendly college rawk has evidently been treated to some vigorous polishing since 2003. At the core, When Did Your Heart Go Missing is an anthem of inconsolable desertion, yet it’s all wrapped up satisfactorily in a sea of strapping melodies, vivacious riffs, and a disarming dose of lovable, sun-bleached character. And had it been released in time, we’d have been looking at the unquestionable anthem of the summer.

1. Alterkicks - Good Luck
And so we reach our top song of 2007, an honour which is awarded to Alterkicks and their outstanding, transcendent, and frankly magnificent single Good Luck. A track which, when we first reviewed, lost out on receiving Single of the Week in favour of a half-arsed cover with questionable lesbian overtones taken from a severely underachieving Britflick about home-made porn. But it was by a Spice Girl, which sort of goes some way to explaining our choice. Back to the song at hand, Good Luck floored us with its instantaneous melody, touching lyrics and towering chorus. All in all, sonic Viagra for the hairs on the back of your neck.

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