Saturday, May 10, 2008

Single Reviews 12/05/08

So, yet another week passes without us writing a single thing. Let’s see what the excuse can be this time… London mayoral elections… Bank Holiday bandwidth sluggishness… bloody Thatcher, maybe? Oh, bollocks to it. It’s nice outside, is that not reason enough!? Either way, we’re very sorry, and have made this week’s Single Reviews extra wonderful by way of apology.

Ashlee Simpson heads up the offerings this week, with the Stars In Their Eyes take on Gwen Stefani’s entire solo catalogue, Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya). Although it’s positive to see some form of envelope-pushing (within her own sphere at least), it sounds like Timbaland threw this together on the tour bus using his Blackberry. A step in an interesting direction, if not necessarily the right direction.

Single of the Week is awarded to the magnificent Ladytron, who continue their quiet supremacy with Ghosts, a space-age, vodka-drenched nursery rhyme with riffs and squelches in all the right places. Managing a peculiar yet admirable balance of prominent humanness and detached sci-fi psychosis, it’s the perfect advertisement for a band worthy of the kind of hard sell reserved for the Ting Tings. Oh, look who’s next…

Having been gushed over by eternal bandwagon shareholders Radio 1 and the NME for what feels like a decade, it’d be fair to have developed a loathing for the Ting Tings already. However, they’re not as dire as the hype they may have been contaminated by would suggest. Sounding like a cross between Shampoo and M.I.A. (roughly as transitory as the former, and significantly less cunty than the latter), That’s Not My Name is fresh, fun and fucking annoying.

Finally – and this isn’t an aspect of popular culture that we ever thought we’d be addressing in a musical context – comes Chanelle Hayes with a paradigm of sweaty desperation in the form of a recording career. While she provided one of the lone high(er) points in a catastrophic series of Big Brother, and while she may miraculously possess a semi-decent voice, I Want It is cordially invited to rot alongside Sandi Thom in the bowels of Hell. Speaking of, guess who’s back in next week’s Single Reviews… *evil grin*

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