Saturday, May 31, 2008

Single Reviews 31/05/08

Following on from our unprecedented success in our support of David Cook in the recent American Idol finals, we’d like to draw your attention to the same backing of the unspeakably ace Jodie in the finale of I’d Do Anything. Fingers crossed we can make it two for two – God forbid the hateful, smug Jessie ever succeeds at anything. Go Jodie, woo, etc. Now, on the Weekly Soapbox, some Single Reviews

The vile Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong curse us with another hot air filled dollop of pretentiousness in the misshapen form of Where Do You Go. About as appealing as the musteline face of Joe ‘Lean’ himself, and carrying about as much relevance as the 1997 No Mercy song of the same name, we suggest you piss off back to polluting The Tudors (although the historical accuracy of the show is doing a fine job of that by itself).

Somewhere between Natasha Bedingfield and Vanessa Carlton – therefore unlikely to win many a fan round these parts – Sara Bareilles brings approximately diddly-squat to the proverbial table. Sure, she has pipes and can tickle a piano to decent effect, but Love Song is little more than an aural shoulder-shrug inducer, destined for a Track 21 placing on a 3CD All Woman compilation.

OneRepublic prove their multiplicity further with Say (All I Need), a soaring ballad that makes way for a smooth, placid chorus rather than the obvious choice of building up to a Celine-style sweeper. A worthy recipient of our Single of the Week. Mind you, it’s hard not to hear Only You by the Flying Pickets during the intro.

And rounding things off this week is another track boasting nods to the 80s, albeit far more transparent than OneRepublic’s allusion. Mystery Jets opt for plinky synth fun and a snifter of horns to encourage dad-dancing nationwide, in the insanely catchy Two Doors Down. That said, it’s hard to find the words to praise anyone who’s intentionally collaborated with Kate Nash. Bad, bad Three Doors Down.

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