Monday, May 15, 2006

Single Reviews 15/05/06

Lookit, Bono, we already told you that you can’t do the Single Reviews. Perhaps a Celeb News column at a push, but hijacking our lovely blog and turning it red? That just won’t do. What’s that? You’re going to fuck off to The Independent and hijack that instead? Jeez, talk about a step down.

It’s backflips galore at The Sloppy Dog this week, with the homecoming of the splendid Zero 7. While backflipping isn’t quite becoming of the chilled tones of our favourite hangover band, Throw It All Away sees an optimistic carefree ditty with more shiveringly stunning vocals from fruitloop goddess Sia. A very worthy Single of the Week.

Nice to see Christina Milian back too, illustrating a slightly more mature sound in Say I, albeit featuring dullard rentarapper Young Jeezy. It’s even nicer to see that she’s realised writhing around half-naked in squid spunk isn’t the only way to flog a single.

Chugging a keg of beer and swiftly yakking it back up are Orson with the paltry Bright Idea - desperate for a fun, laddish angle but hopelessly failing, like a fratful of fairies. Far less shite than the brainlessly putrid No Tomorrow, mind you.

And bringing namedropping to a new level is Busta Rhymes with the remix of Touch It. Rather than relying on his inimitable brand of thunderous turbo-rap, Busta wheels in a list of mates who add precisely nothing in their one-line-apiece contributions – Missy Elliott, Sean Paul, Nelly, Mary J Blige, Lloyd Banks, Lisa Scott-Lee, Bill Oddie, Spongebob Squarepants, Anna Raeburn, Treguard off of Knightmare, Judith Keppel, and Dipsy.

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