Sunday, May 28, 2006

Single Reviews 29/05/06

Welcome to this week’s Single Reviews, brought to you in association with Nurofen – sponsors of the post-birthday hangover that haunts us as we type. Ow.

Paul Oakenfold & Brittany Murphy have us dancing round purely-proverbial handbags this week with Faster Kill Pussycat – glorious electrosquelch which confirms Murphy is actually employable, rather than just another loathsome gin-soaked catastrophe a la Tara Reid. Very nice indeed.

A rather less successful collaboration comes in the form of Ronan Keating & Kate Rusby. The insipid beigeness of All Over Again sees the perennial sexless blandmeister roping in a folk nobody determined to cash in all her Guilcredentials. Also flying the flag for tedium this week is Corinne Bailey Rae with Trouble Sleeping – ironically titled since the track itself is an instant coma-inducer.

Is It Any Wonder is the welcome – if minutely disappointing – comeback from Keane, a moment we’ve been gagging for since we rinsed Hopes & Fears half to death. While it’s by no means a bad song, a rather more generic sound is on display which we’re hoping isn’t indicative of impending album Under The Iron Sea.

And back on top this week is Pink, after quite some time on a progressively-downward tumble. The Sloppy Dog believes the first mistake was getting the Pussycat Dolls to appear in the Trouble video – surely everything they touch turns to shit. And gets syphilis. Thankfully the curse is now broken, as Who Knew is an earnest ballad dressed up in a memorable femrock anthem. So we’ve made it Single of the Week, and not just cos she could beat the bejesus out of us.

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