Sunday, May 21, 2006

Single Reviews 22/05/06

Two wannabe rock stars, an utterly rancid Scottish folk-ho, two-foot-nothing of mischievous brilliance, Preston, and some furry friends. Thankfully, it’s not Big Brother – it’s just the Single Reviews (and a very dodgy intro)...

Putting a dirty great smile across our ugly mugs this week is Fill My Little World by The Feeling, a jovial wedge of sunshine which has us metaphorically pissing our pants with anticipation at the release of their album. We'll probably be fed up of them within a month of its release, but for now, we revel in their aceness.

Airwave-bothering scumlord Robbie Williams hocks up another musical phlegmball in the form of Sin Sin Sin, further proving he’s wholly incapable of a remotely original idea. But hey, that’s about all you can expect from a publicity whore with all the talent of a reject Redcoat. Even more pathetic is Matt Willis, whose post-Busted debut Up All Night is a shameless aping of Blobbie’s trademark no-mark stampmark, dejectedly screaming out for rock credentials.

What do you get if you cross a pint-sized work of endearingly cocky genius (approved by both Jay-Z and Mike Skinner), and a refreshing, energetic nu-ska rock band (with added fame factor)? Well, the same thing you’d get if you regurgitated a year-old remix. But hey, it’s a good ‘un – 9 To 5 by The Ordinary Boys & Lady Sovereign is a catchy kick up the backside with extra balls, and just pips The Feeling to be our Single of The Week.

And finally, following our recent diatribe against Sandi Thom, the silly bastard has still gone ahead and released her repulsive, ear-raping single. You’d think people would welcome a bit of constructive criticism. But don’t just take our word that I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker is a fucking stinker of a track – four out of five cats think it’s shit too.

You can’t argue with statistics, folks.

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