Sunday, July 02, 2006

Single Reviews 03/07/06

You’ll have to pardon the lack of updates this past week – we’ve been busy mourning both the defeat of England (didn’t we tell you pessimism is the way forward) and the passing of TV overlord Aaron Spelling. But grief shall not stop us – it’s off with the black armband and on with the party hat. Single Reviews ahoy!

Jose Gonzalez launches this week’s reviews, with another offering from his covers album (yes, it’s a covers album – this dude is little more than Jane McDonald with wistful anguish). Where he stripped the The Knife’s Heartbeats of all verve, his take on Kylie Minogue’s Hand On Your Heart more than delivers. The tinny SAW beats are torn apart and pissed upon, to reveal a rather fine pop song at the root.

2 for 1 offer in our white urban aisle! First up, Jamie T sparks interest with his quirky acoustic-hop Sheila. Unfortunately for him, we can’t quite take this in the desired context – from where we’re standing, Sheila will always be a nice Irish auntie who enjoys golf and small dogs. And secondly, the hyped-to-bejesus Smile by pramface princess Lily Allen completely does justice to the hard sell. We want to hate this, but we just can’t.

And to wrap up proceedings, two singles with tough acts to follow. Bob Sinclar chooses to keep to a tried-and-tested method, with World, Hold On composed of approximately 80% Love Generation. Nice results, but predictable. Comparatively, Razorlight finally chase the mahoosive Somewhere Else by taking a stab at a more developed, mature sound with a cheekily-chugging riff loitering below. In The Morning is our Single Of The Week, proving that change is good. Except when it means no more Spelling magic or World Cup drink-ups. Can we have our black armband back?

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