Saturday, July 22, 2006

Single Reviews 24/07/06

It’s back to a normal service this week, with our trip to Switzerland no longer providing excuses for the lack of updates. Although it is providing us with an excuse to eat Lindt and Milka chocolatey goodness for breakfast, lunch and dinner. *greedy scoffing noises*
We won’t share it though, so don’t bother asking. Can we interest you in a few Single Reviews instead?

We’ll get the inevitable over with – Feeder have a new single out, it’s fucking awesome, and it’s blatantly going to be Single Of The Week. Last time Feeder were bestowed with the esteemed title, it was greeted with a chorus of “oh, big surprise” type nonsense, which we hope to have pre-empted on this occasion. BTW, it’s called Save Us, and it rules. Buy it.

Had it not been for Feeder, perhaps the glorious Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol would have scooped the title. Unhurried, sincere and stirring, it’s arguably their best effort since Run. Oh well, they’ll just have to settle for multi-platinum album sales and a series of sell-out tours. Meanwhile, Get Together is a nifty little shuffle on from Hung Up and Sorry for Madonna. A lightly-trippy funk-fête, Get Together shows she’s capable of doing good things sans gimmicks. Still doesn’t justify the ticket prices, mind.

Finally, we come to Ain’t No Other Man, the comeback single from scumwhore supreme Christina Aguilera. We actually liked Stripped-era Aggie, but this faux-forties pissfest serves as a pedestal on which to warble, preach, screech and warble some more. We know you’ve got a voice on you, love – but seriously, holding one note is sometimes better than howling thirteen.

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