Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Swissed Off

Good morrow, dear readers. You'll have to forgive the lack of updates this past week, but we've been off on our travels. Switzerland is officially ace, as illustrated by this lovely artsy-fartsy picture of pretentiousness:

However, this is The Sloppy Dog. We don't do classy.

That's better.

A tres quick round-up of things, then...

We won't be doing Single Reviews this week, as it's already Tuesday. But if we were, Single of the Week would be a toss-up between Eleanor, Put Your Boots On by Franz Ferdinand, and Smiley Faces by Gnarls
We're miffed to return to find that Nikki's been voted off Big Brother, the crazy biatch. But Aisleyne's still there, so a world of yay for that. Mikey and Jayne must die. This is not a suggestion. It is an order.

However, we're chuffed to bits to see that Rooster have only managed a No. 33 placing with their REALLY REALLY GOOD ROCK SONG. It's proper rock, y'know, seriously. Also, Nylon haven't fared much better, crashing in at the dizzy heights of No. 29. It's almost as if Bellefire were never dropped. Twice.

Newsflash! While in Zurich, we were lucky enough - courtesy of our Upper Norwood correspondent - to see the eternally-fucking-brilliant Melanie C as part of the Live @ Sunset festival. We're happy to report that she (a) looks awesome - way slimmer but not stupidly thin; (b) sounds awesome - she could effortlessly sing the backpacks off a million Canadian tourists, a LONG way since those screechy Say You'll Be There ad-libs; (c) can see the funny side of a couple of thousand Swiss-Germans fighting for pac-a-macs during a thunderstorm-accompanied Let's Love; and (d) the venue was very nice. She also has hair down to her waist now, if you're interested.

Anyhoo, a normal service shall resume later this week. Til then, we bid you both auf wiedersehen and adieu, as Zurich can't make its mind up over which language it speaks.

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al said...

Having just had the mailout of a far inferior* website barge its way into our inbox, we'd like to point out that our remarks about Nylon and Rooster's chart positions were written prior to this.

The Sloppy Dog is an entirely original entity, is completely skill, and will one day rule the world.

Thank you.

* Ok, so they have a budget, designers, contacts, a proper layout, and probably 100,000 times the numbers of hits we have. But we write better.

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