Friday, October 02, 2009

Single Reviews 05/10/09

Greetings, ladies, gentlemen and the creepy person who stumbled across our lovely site whilst Googling the term “Davina McCall labia.” Yes, you know who you are, you dirty little fucker. Sadly for you, there’s nothing that repulsive on this blog (subject to change if John & Edward get through to the X Factor live shows). In the meantime, some clean and wholesome Single Reviews...

Single of the Week is awarded to Mr Hudson, with the quietly-brilliant White Lies. It’s certainly not as immediate as Supernova, but actually benefits from this (and not least because it helps him downplay the now-cancerous Kanye connection), having far more in common with the charming, simple Englishness of the first album.

Whitney Houston makes an unremarkable return this week with the yawn-inducing taupefest of Million Dollar Bill. It’s a relief to see she’s not shoehorning herself into some 2009-by-numbers RedOne production, which would’ve most likely seen her stripped of whatever dignity she has intact. But she’s done herself no favours by heading down the hellish road of disco, the worst genre of music in the complete history of recorded sound (FACT).

The fairytale-folk quirk developed so effectively by Kings of Convenience has sadly taken a back seat (or, more accurately, is sealed in a suitcase in the boot) on the rather bland Boat Behind. While the temperate, gifted acoustica remains, there’s a distinct lack of sparkle, and frustratingly, for no discernible reason. All the components are there, but it’s... well, meh.

And finally, James Bourne, the shittiest little member of the shittiest boyband this century, has put pen to paper to come up with a new track for The Saturdays. Thankfully, it’s approximately four million times better than that crap he wrote for Eoghan Quigg, suggesting his input was minimal. Forever Is Over is a hefty-chorused McRock effort, and in fairness, isn’t too bad. But it’s putting money in James Bourne’s pocket, so BOO! HISS! and the like.

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