Thursday, October 22, 2009

Single Reviews 26/10/09

If you’re wondering where last week’s Single Reviews were, unfortunately there were no suitable tracks deserving of a Single of the Week title. Seriously, that’s the truth – not just a ‘we couldn’t be bollocksed’ cover-up. So we’ve chosen instead to do a mash-up this week of current new releases and a selection of next week’s offerings. Behold, an’ ting.

Thankfully, we’ve come across something just about commendable enough to scoop the aforementioned title. Single of the Week is awarded to Snow Patrol, who pre-empt their Best Of with the twinkly ballad Just Say Yes. Originally written for Nicole Shitsinger’s thankfully-doomed solo album, Snow Patrol have snatched it back, given it a reworking and done a rather impressive job. And while we never heard ol’ Chief Alleycat’s version, it’s safe to say it would’ve sucked donkey cock.

Next up, a collective of randoms going under the name Young Soul Rebels churn out a sub-Band Aid 20 adaptation of All These Things That I’ve Done, renamed I Got Soul. We know it’s for charity. We know it’s raising both money and awareness for a particularly worthy cause. But Christ on a bike, this shit is fucking abysmal. Chimpunk; Pixie Lott; N-Dubz; Egypt and her unfortunate nose... it’s like a rundown of new acts that should have failed miserably. And, ironically, poor ol’ VV Brown.

Her Supposed Royal Super-Amazingness & High Priestess of Everything Ever, otherwise known as Cheryl Tweedy (otherwise known as Cheryl Cole) releases her debut solo track, to a surprisingly warm reception. Aside from being a simple, mildly-catchy pop ditty, there’s little to say about Fight For This Love. It feels rather like Not Such An Innocent Girl 2.0, all things considered, though its success may soon dispel that.

And finally, a girl group who almost insinuate where Girls Aloud might’ve gone had they continued down the road of No Good Advice. Alas, we’ll never fully know, but Dolly Rockers’ second submission also doubles up as an apology for their rather ropey first single. Boys Will Be Boys is a lively, electro-effective, character-packed trip through a world of smudged mascara and vodka jelly shots, which shits all over the current Sugababes from a heady height.

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