Friday, October 30, 2009

Single Reviews 02/11/09

Hey people – before we crack on, we’ll point out that we’re hugely flattered (aw shucks, you guys, etc) by the numerous requests for further X Factor liveblogs. However, the Sloppy Dog social calendar dictates the next one shall be on November 14th, so we shall see you then. In the meantime, you can take pleasure in the slightly-less frenetic Single Reviews...

We turn our attention first to Beyoncé (a method employed by Mathew Knowles throughout the lifespan of Destiny’s Child, funnily enough) with the no-holds-barred Broken-Hearted Girl. An out-and-out weepy in sonnet form, it’s by no means her best ballad, but it’s interesting to see a more raw, human Beyoncé rather than the usual presentation of an untouchable diva swathed in gloss.

The current fondness for 80s influences continues into pastiche territory courtesy of Julian Casablancas. In fairness, 11th Dimension mightn’t sound so trite had the entire concept not already been raped and murdered by the likes of RedOne, as beneath the synth chestnuts lurks the same inventiveness, the same talent and the same ear for melody responsible for The Strokes’ greatest moments.

Fair play, then, to JLS, who circumvent the aforementioned 80s bandwagon and stop off at the mid 90s, albeit with some iffy results. The commonplace dripfest Everybody In Love channels the lacklustre R&B we thought we’d long seen the back of, but evidently 3T, SWV and MN8 live on, with JLS not only taking the baton of silly acronyms, but of watery, irrelevant swingbeat too. After Beat Again, this is a sore disappointment.

And finally, we reach our Single of the Week, which is gifted to Pink for the standout track from her Funhouse album. We’ll overlook the hideous video which looks as though it was shot on an early cameraphone to enjoy the simple charms of I Don’t Believe You, which, much like Beyoncé earlier, sees a stripped-down, sincere version of Pink that truly accentuates a gargantuan talent.

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