Saturday, April 22, 2006

Single Reviews 24/04/06

Well looky here! It’s only the brand new Single Reviews...

First up, we’re relieved to say we’ve shaken off whichever curse prompted us to select a singing school chaplain backed by the geography department and an F-list Beyoncé as our last two Single of the Week choices. Raising the bar for music in 2006, and helping us return to our senses is Be Gentle With Me by The Boy Least Likely To – an upbeat, jangly hoedown that’s all beaming smiles and breezy melodies.

We’re also rather chuffed this week at the return of Snow Patrol. While we’d be a lot happier if Gary did something with his terrible barnet, the music speaks for itself. You’re All I Have is more Chocolate than Run, though anything resembling either would be gladly received. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

A slightly less welcome return comes in the shape of Big Brovaz, now significantly slimmed down member-wise, and almost totally devoid of the kooky magic they once boasted. Hangin’ Around is a limp, beige, vegetative serving of personality-free Brit-hop, sadly a million miles from Nu Flow. Continuing the theme of monotonous urban hogwash is Chris Brown. Aside from having the least glamorous name in the music industry, Yo (Excuse Me Miss) is tepid, unoriginal, forgettable, and all in all, about as interesting as his moniker.

Finally, in-bred, limp-wristed, chin-centric uber-nobber Will Young releases another stab at blue-eyed soul with Who Am I. This man’s voice is like an aural gas chamber. When will he be stopped?! WHEN?!?

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