Saturday, April 29, 2006

This week's Celebrity News by multi-platinum X-Factor winners Addictiv Ladies

Bringin’ you the, bringin’ you the
Bringin’ you the, bringin’ you the
Y? Cos we need bear money
We’s on social security
Can’t afford no Dark and Lovely

Lack of lyrics you’ll have to excuse
We still got the X-Factor blues
So sit back, bwoys, as you peruse
Addictiv Ladies’ Celebrity News

We was like “oh my God, shut up!” when we was told that David Hasselhoff is gonna be doing panto in Wimbledon this year. He used to be Pamela Anderson’s boss, and now he’s all “HE’S BEHIND YOU!!” and ting. It ain’t all bad though – there’s a Nando’s right opposite Wimbledon Theatre.

Bear trouble for Snoop Dogg who got nabbed by da filth this week when he try come feisty with airport people. That exact same thing happened to us lot, except it was in double history instead of Heathrow. And lunchtime detention instead of being arrested. Anyways, da police turfed him out on his battycrease and he was all “foshizzle nizzle polizzle” and ting.

Last up, shame to Jade Goody who bruck up her insides during the Marathon last week. She was yammin’ bear fried chicken right up to the starting line, and her body was all “nah man” and it switched on her and she was mash up. Shabby, innit?

Anyways, safe, yeah? Trust. Laterz!

P.S. We hate Louis Walsh.

P.P.S. Louis Walsh is a battychief.

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Who the hell are they?

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