Saturday, April 29, 2006

Single Reviews 01/05/06

No, ladies and gents, it’s not some form of hocus-pocus web trickery – it really is the almighty Single Reviews you see before you...

If dance music really is dead, then Beatfreekz are the hyenas yamming down the rotting carcass. Somebody’s Watching Me is a humdrum Euromess built around a drained Michael Jackson sample. Although, it’s nice to know a few quid is going MJ’s way – if there’s any accuracy in rumours of a Westlife duet, he truly must be poverty-stricken.

Up next, Sloppy Dog favourites – nay, legendsFeeder present their Singles album with Lost & Found, a pleasingly riotous excursion to earlier splendour. Predictably, it’s our Single Of The Week.

Goldfrapp continue to piss us off with their dripping-consistency album Supernature, and its fourth single Fly Me Away. We’ve had quite enough of Grandma Saddlebags and her ninth-hand Wurlitzer. Get lost, get a tan, get some new ideas, and maybe get laid – we’ve never seen a miserable fizzgog so in need of a smile.

And bringing up the rear somewhat disappointingly are the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Dani California. While we’re waiting to hear the gargantuan double-album Stadium Arcadium before making any real judgement, the commonplace shruggage of this single suggests their best work ain’t on it. The Sloppy Dog hearts the Chili Peppers, and are therefore most saddened. Hey, why not send us chocolate to cheer us up?

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