Saturday, April 08, 2006

The 'Ump: Alex James

You’d be right in thinking that the world of football is a relatively confrontational place. Aside from the sponsorship, it’s all bitter rivalry, jibes and machismo. Oh, and a bit of sport. But it’s all, understandably, rather blokey.
So imagine our shock when we heard Alex James challenge Embrace’s selection for recording the England World Cup anthem – with pathetic limp-wristed handbag bitchery.

Gangling, vacant, conceited talent-vortex James, 46, invited Embrace to “fucking suck his cock” while hinting that he’d be reteaming with novelty band Fat Les to record a rival anthem.

While Alex James can’t help his affliction of twattery (spending that much time with supreme bastion of utter cuntdom Damon Albarn must surely rub off), Embrace really shouldn’t worry too much. His current project Wigwam, where he’s dug up Betty Boo to meow over beats seemingly produced by the pensioner that bangs a saucepan outside Wimbledon Station, is presently heading for the dizzy heights of the Top 70.

We laugh in your pompous face, Alex James.

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Anonymous said...

Algoo! Cuntdom is not in the dictionary. Silly.

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